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Now stood wearing only her lingerie and heels, Julia begins to tough and caress her breasts, getting hornier and sexier by the second. I started subtly bucking my cock up into her jerking hand beyond my control, and she naughtily increase the speed of the thrusts of her Vaseline'd hand along my rod. Once we reached the bed, he was wearing only his dark red boxers, and I was left wearing a matching WonderBra and thong set that was white with blue polka dots. After climbing into bed, we embraced and began licking deeply again; our hands roaming over each others bodies. He unclasped my designer bra while we kissed, and I shrugged it off and tossed it aside. He shoved down his pants while I pulled off my thong, and we discarded those as well.

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Yes...yes pleeeease! she replied. I kissed her big on the mouth again. Then I carried her over to the bed, lying her down on her back. I lay down on top of her, putting my body weight on her. I licked her again, as she wrapped her arms around me. I moved my 1 hand up over her stomach, to her breast. She let out a gasp as I cupped it with my hand over the blouse she was wearing.

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