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The enourmous boobed Welsh sweetheart poses on her chair, wearing her pink, see-through top, nice lingerie, stockings and high heels. Slowly, the hot red begins to strip off her clothes. 3. Listen to her but know when to run A listening ear might seem like the most dull trait in the world, but sometimes that's all these married broads want. However, be careful not to be friend-zoned. If played right, a shoulder to lean on always turns to a cock to ride on. While chatting or talking to her, listen to her offer some positivity. The most important rule here is to stay away from the ladies who are looking for serious relationship. No matter how individuals judge me for having multiple intercourse partners and having fun shagging women, I have never ever broken a heart. Feelings are important and they are not meant to be played with. Her jugs and her ass are meant to be played with and that is why you should always focus on individuals who are open to playing with your testicles and penis and not finding love and warmth in your arms. She began to reach out, almost absentmindedly, but stopped herself before making contact. My heart raced as her hand was inches away from what I knew would be immense pleasure. I wanted to beg her to caress it, but I was nowhere near bold enough to do so. Before I could think of a way to escalate the situation, she spoke up.

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