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Her pussy was turned-on from the excitement of jerking me off, stunning and smooth as porcelain. I explored its nice slippery folds with my fingers, teasing her expanding clitoris, until eventually sinking my middle finger into her tight hole. She pulled out some tissues and mopped me up once my orgasm had subsided. I stuffed my bewildered sausage back into the pants and caught my breath.

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Lori knows how to get herself excited as she slips a hand down to her sizzling pussy, caressing it through her sexy, white underwear. As she gets hotter and hornier, she peels off her bra, exposing her fantastic, enourmous rack. She moves her hands over them and starts to play and massage them for the camera. First removing her top, Dors the exposes her enormous breasts – taking her time to touch and grope them before eventually peeling off her skirt to reveals attractive bald, pierced pussy.

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Here is busty UK shagging star Charlotte Blue in a sizzling table top pose. The enourmous boobed Plymouth slut sits upon the dining table in her attractive blue lingerie, stockings and high heels. She wrapped her right hand firmly around my penis and began touching me faster. Then she cupped my balls in her left hand and softly massaged them. Her hands were incredibly silky and warm, and I imagined how hot her vagina could be. I wanted to bend her over and bang her brains out, but I held myself back, and let her have her fun.

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