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She looked up at me with a hint of anxiety. they're beautiful! I said to her. She immediately started to peel off my jacket, then my shirt. I lay down back on her. skirt...hike it up..I want to be able to open my legs for you she said. She lifted her bum, and I hiked up her skirt. Then I lay down on top of her again.

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The dark stunner poses on the chaise lounge showing off her smooth body and knock-out tattoo. Yes...yes pleeeease! she replied. I licked her errect on the mouth again. Then I carried her over to the bed, laying her down on her back. I lay down on top of her, putting my body weight on her. I kissed her again, as she wrapped her arms around me. I moved my one hand up over her stomach, to her breast. She let out a gasp as I cupped it with my hand over the top she was wearing.

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