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I straddled her, then lifted up her upper body. I removed the blouse, then her bra, all the while kissing her. Then I peeled her designer bra aside, and my her tits were fully exposed. I stopped snogging her, and cupped both of them with my hands. Everything was quickly becoming too much for my overexcited willy. I was sure I was going to come in matter of seconds if she didn't stop, so I regretfully stopped caressing her soft, pillowy tits and grasped at her wrist in order to stop her. Without warning she slammed down all the way to my base. I felt the my head pop inside her and glide all the way inside her tight, velvety pussy, every inch increasing the immense pleasure we were both feeling.

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I rest for a few minutes, catching my breath, he's bending over me, still fully engorged. I turn to look at him, his chest is heaving. I sit up and lick his lips softly. his hands caress my back, gently he lays me down again on my back. I am still weakened and very cooperative. She shuddered as her hot pussy tightened like a vice on my throbbing love muscle. She wailed in extreme pleasure while my shaft exploded into her velvety insides, filling her more and more with each pulse of my sticky hot cum.

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