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Wow, she said, breaking the silence, that was intense. If you are a bisexual female or lesbian, Findhrr or Scissr apps could be good starting points. Also, consider trying specific lesbian dating platforms like diva date. If you are a bisexual or gay single man, try Grindr app. How to Get Into a Threesome: A Step-by-Step Guide for you? I will be straight up with one fact – in the online dating world, if you are a woman, you have the power. I mean, seriously, compare the number of guys and bitches that sign up for casual sex on internet; and then subtract the number of bitches who actually go out and meet these chaps in real.

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Imagine a scene wherein you are in a bar, eyeing a booty that you want to smack and bang tonight. She looks at you and gives you a small less than a second to impress her. What do you do? Stand lousy and look boring? No, you give your best ‘I am a big shot with a big dick’ smile to her (even if you are not). This is called being confident. girls like guys who radiate confidence. Similar is the case with your profile when a bitch is searching for a love pole to ride. Anything that is boring, unnatural, stupid, idiotic, lazy, unattractive and dishonest turns her off and lands in her ‘never bang him’ zone. Don’t be that guy. Girls, no matter how uninteresting they themselves are, want a man who is interesting, adventurous and hot. You have to be all these three or at least 2 if you want to lick on huge boobs and get some vagina. Here is a tiny checklist that will help you and your profile grasp some sexy attention. To be fair, Linsey was stunning back then, but these days she’s even better. 

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