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Yeah, you like my cock in you do not you, I? He screamed back at me, watching intently as I felt myself up roughly.

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It was a dark night, she asked me if we can go somewhere quiet. We went to a park, the park was fully empty at night. I asked her if she was a virgin, to which she quickly responded as NO. After that i asked her about her best fun experience. She was narrating me a story in which she had sex with a tailor she told that as tailor was a revealing dirty attitude. She told that 1 day she decided to go to a tailor’s shop for stitching my new top. Hi, my name is Becky. I am looking for a strong, and big man. one that can protect me when I am in danger, but also has a slight hint of danger about him. I want him to be a masculine stud, but also somewhat in touch with his emotional side. Maybe an artist, or a writer. I don't want effeminate blokes though.

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