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The most important rule here is to stay away from the people who are looking for serious relationship. No matter how individuals judge me for having so many sex partners and having fun fucking women, I have never ever broken a heart. Feelings are important and they are not meant to be played with. Her boobs and her bum are meant to be played with and that is why you should always focus on people who are open to touching with your testicles and penis and not finding love and warmth in your arms. She ran her fingers along my cock, from the tip to the base, then back up again. She closed her hand around it, and gently began to caress it, feeling it pulsing in her hand. I screamed in pleasure as she stroked it. She looked up at me, then back at my shaft. Imagine a scene wherein you are in a bar, eyeing a booty that you want to smack and bang tonight. She looks at you and gives you a minuscule less than a second to impress her. What do you do? Stand lousy and look boring? No, you give your best ‘I am a enourmous shot with a enourmous dick’ smile to her (even if you are not). This is called being confident. sluts like men who radiate confidence. Similar is the case with your profile when a milf is looking for a love pole to ride. Anything that is boring, unnatural, stupid, idiotic, lazy, unattractive and dishonest turns her off and lands in her ‘never bang him’ zone. Don’t be that guy. Girls, no matter how uninteresting they themselves are, want a male who is interesting, adventurous and hot. You have to be all these three or at least two if you want to taste on enourmous fun bags and get some vagina. Here is a little checklist that will help you and your profile grab some nice attention. Not only does she have a attractive body, she also knows what to wear when it comes to wearing attractive underwear which is in this case some very gorgeous fishnet suspenders and a lovely black g-string.

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