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It was a dark night, she asked me if we can go somewhere quiet. We went to a park, the park was fully empty at night. I asked her if she was a virgin, to which she immediately responded as NO. After that i asked her about her best intercourse experience. She was narrating me a story in which she had shagging with a tailor she told that as tailor was a revealing filthy attitude. She told that one day she decided to go to a tailor’s shop for stitching my new top. After that Tom came and made Magda stand and put his shaft into her pussy, it was her first time she was feeling something like that she screamed in enjoyment and pain both at same time. She never imagined that she was gonna be screwed by 2 men like that with one dick in her mouth and one in love hole. Blonde Jessica and dark haired Sasha begin by stripping off their tops and snogging each other’s nipples until they are hard before sharing a long kiss.

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